Adore Curly Lash Mascara

The mascara curls and extends the eyelashes. Its spherical brush with micro-captors lifts and extends even the shortest eyelashes, without making them heavy. A hypoallergenic product.

Just a couple of Adore Curly Lash Mascara strokes are enough to precisely cover even the shortest eyelashes, providing long-lasting extension and a beautiful curl. What is more, the eyelashes are separated and clump-free. It makes your look deeper and keeps it incredibly well-defined.

• The mascara provides long-lasting curl and extends the eyelashes,
• The spherical brush guarantees precise separation, extension and curl on all eyelashes,
• Prevents the lashes from clumping or sticking together,
• Provides full coverage from the roots to the tips,
• High volume.

13 ml
6 M
not tested on animals
product manufactured in Poland