Adore Volume Lash Mascara

Extreme thickness and volume mascara. The big, nylon brush helps create a false lashes effect.

Adore Volume Lash Mascara is an exceptional product that creates a spectacular and long-lasting volume effect on the eyelashes. The combination of the nylon brush and the cream texture provides full coverage, from the roots to the tips. The eyelashes become visibly thicker in just one stroke, and another layer provides maximum thickness with a more intense colour.

• Maximum volume mascara,
• A big, nylon brush carefully separates the eyelashes,
• Guarantees full coverage for even the shortest eyelashes,
• The eyelashes are thicker in just one stroke,
• Applying two layers guarantees maximum volume and a more intense colour,
• Prevents the lashes from clumping or sticking together,
• High volume.

13 ml
not tested on animals
product manufactured in Poland