Beauty Rocks eyeshadow palette

The 12 shades in the Beauty Rocks palette were inspired by the beauty of gemstones. They amaze with their strong glow and incredible colour depth. The creamy and slightly gel texture perfectly blends with the skin while the pearl guarantees a foil effect. The shades contain an active conditioning ingredient – Cerafluid.

The Beauty Rock eyeshadow palette was inspired by the most beautiful and precious things that nature has to offer. Our palette is perfect for those moments when the sun is going down, the night city lights are coming on and the streets buzzing and filling with music. Its colours were inspired by the incredible glow and depth of gemstone colours. The creamy and slightly gel texture ensures easy application while the carefully selected pearls guarantee a foil effect. It also conditions the skin and improves makeup longevity thanks to the active ingredient:

• Cerafluid - binds skin cells together, improves the skin elasticity, smoothness and proper hydration levels, reduces wrinkles and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.
The shiny colours highlight your natural beauty while the active ingredient conditions your skin and guarantees long lasting makeup - this is our Beauty Rocks palette!

• A palette with 12 eyeshadows inspired by the beauty of gemstones,
• The eyeshadow guarantees a metallic, shiny and foil effect,
• Its innovative formula guarantees easy application,
• Intense, vivid and incredibly deep colours,
• The Beauty Rocks palette also conditions the skin thanks to the active ingredients responsible for the quality, longevity and pigmentation of the eyeshadow,
• Hand-made in Poland,
• Suitable for wet and dry application.

18 g
12 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
without parabens
safe for eyes
product without fragrance
gluten-free product
vegan product
made in Poland