lip gloss

Beauty Lipgloss with meadowfoam seed oil

A shiny lip gloss available in six beautiful shades. Its particles reflect light and volumise the lips.
Beauty Lipgloss creates a mesmerising, shiny effect and nourishes the lips.

Paese responds to global trends and clients’ needs. Following the current glow trend, we designed six amazing lip glosses. They can help you create a stunning, glossy look. They reflect light and create a multi-dimensional highlighted effect on the lips, visibly volumising them. They guarantee a glossy shine and do not leave a sticky or unpleasant feeling on the lips. The lip glosses also contain an active ingredient that nourishes the lips - meadowfoam seed oil which brings many benefits:

• 98% of long chain fatty acids which perfectly condition and moisturise the skin,
• Soothes and eases the skin,
• Prevents ageing,
• Good antioxidant,
• Protects the skin from UV rays

Take care of your lips and shine with Beauty Lipgloss.

• Guarantees a mirror-like shine,
• Its particles reflect light and visibly volumise the lips,
• Does not leave a sticky feeling,
• Long-wearing, guarantees a long-lasting glow effect,
• Meadowfoam seed oil moisturises, regenerates and prevents dehydration,
• It has a nice raspberry and vanilla smell,
• High pigmentation and efficiency

24 M
dermatologically tested
without alcohol
without silicones
made in Poland