bronzers and roses

Bronzer bronzing powder

Perfect for mimicking the effect of a natural tan or highlighting one. It is great for face contouring, making your face look thinner and creating a 3D effect.
Active ingredients:
Coconut oil – moisturising and soothing properties.
White tea extract – antioxidant and stimulating effects.

Feel like you are on vacation, and create a summer tan effect on your skin with a single stroke of a brush, using our bronzing powder. This perfectly highlights and mimics a natural tan while its active ingredients, like white tea extract and coconut oil, add energy, have antioxidant properties and moisturise and brighten the skin. It is perfect for face contouring with a long-lasting formula to ensure that the tanning effect lasts the whole day long.

• A bronzing, pressed powder with coconut oil,
• Perfect for highlighting and mimicking a natural tan,
• Coconut oil has moisturising and highlighting properties,
• The white tea scent combination has stimulating and antioxidant properties,
• The powder is available in matte and pearl shades,
• The long-lasting formula guarantees a lasting suntan effect,
• The product comes in a convenient case with a mirror.

10,5 g
18 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
without parabens
made in Poland