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Brow Couture pomade

A water-resistant brow pomade in a pigmented colour, easy to apply and helping to perfectly accentuate the eyebrows. The pomade is very efficient, with a matte and powder finish. The waxes contained in the pomade keep its texture firm and long-lasting. Emollients moisturise, soften and smooth out the hairs.

The Paese brow pomade is perfect for accentuating and defining the eyebrows. Its water-resistant formula guarantees a long-lasting and intense effect for well-defined eyes. We added a small brush to help you shape your eyebrows easily and precisely.

• A water-resistant brow pomade,
• Highly pigmented,
• Guarantees a matte powder eyebrow finish,
• The solid and long-lasting texture is based on waxes,
• The emollients in the pomade moisturise, smooth and soften the hairs.

dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
without parabens
product without fragrance
made in Poland