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Colour Adapt lip pencil

This transparent lip liner perfectly shapes the lips, preventing the lipstick or lip gloss from smudging. Its unique formula moisturises the lips and can be applied as a matte lipstick primer.

A transparent lip liner designed to care for the beautiful shape of your lips. It perfectly blends with all lipstick colours. It highlights the lip shape and prevents the products from smudging.
Its cream formula makes application easy and intensively moisturises the skin, so it can also be used as a matte lipstick primer. Check out the invisible lip liner and see the effects!

• A transparent lip liner,
• It perfectly highlights the lips shape,
• Its transparent formula harmonises with other lipstick colours,
• Intensively moisturising,
• Prevents lipstick from smudging, creating a transparent protective layer on the lips,
• Prevents lipstick from gathering in small creases and wrinkles around the lips.

not tested on animals