Foil effect eyeshadows

A foil eyeshadow that creates a wet eyelid effect and vivid colour. The active ingredient, CeraFluid*,
(a natural liquid ceramide) prevents wrinkles and moisturises the skin. The eyeshadow has a creamy texture, which is perfect for applying by finger or brush. The gem-inspired colours allow the creation of unique makeup looks for different occasions. It is suitable for wet or dry application.
* The trademark is a property of ROELMI HPC

An extremely lustrous foil effect giving deep colour to the eyelids is one of the hottest trends in makeup. This is why our laboratory created an eyeshadow which, thanks to the appropriately selected pearls, creates the desirable foil finish in vivid, gem-inspired colours. Its cream and gel formula allows smooth application. The eyeshadow is beautiful and, thanks to CeraFluid, it also nurtures and hydrates the skin, preventing wrinkles. To achieve a more intense colour and brightness, apply the eyeshadow with your fingers or a synthetic brush (e.g. Paese 9P).
To achieve a more delicate effect for the perfect casual look, blend the eyeshadow using a Paese 8P brush.

• Foil Effect eyeshadow in a bright lustrous finish and deep colour,
• Gem-inspired colours,
• The creamy gel texture allows smooth application,
• Perfectly selected pearls for a guaranteed foil effect,
• Suitable for wet or dry application.

dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
without parabens
gluten-free product
safe for eyes
product without fragrance
made in Poland