Linea Automatic eyeliner

A mechanical-style eye pencil giving a soft texture, improved longevity and a metallic glow. The eyeliner is smudge-resistant and guarantees a long-lasting effect. Its silicone base makes the product soft and easy to apply. It features a sharpener and a sponge for blending.

Bring out the best in your look, highlight its depth and magnetism, and contour the shape of the eyes using our Linea Automatic Eyeliner. This eye pencil with a soft and creamy texture guarantees an amazing and long-lasting intense, metallic glow effect.
No one will be able to resist your look.

• A waterproof eye pencil; highly resistant to smudging and smearing; guarantees a long-lasting effect,
• Soft, creamy texture with an intense, metallic glow,
• The stick is wrapped in a convenient, durable plastic casing,
• The automatic eye pencil includes a sharpener and a sponge for blending.

36 M
not tested on animals