Lipstick with argan oil

It guarantees full coverage, intense colour and a subtle shine. Its formula guarantees a long-lasting effect while the magnetic packaging ensures that applying it is incredibly convenient. The wide range of shades means you can select the perfect colour.

Active ingredients:
Argan oil – guaranteed optimum hydration levels, with anti-oxidative properties.

Nature surprises us all the time, and always offers some precious gift. Beauty and care are a natural combination, and our lipstick with argan oil creates a beautiful, long-lasting shade on the lips; moisturising and pampering them. Additionally, vitamin E has antioxidative properties while the palm wax guarantees elasticity and a lustrous effect. Its deep, matte shade is smudge-proof and long-lasting. Choose your perfect shade from the wide range of colours.
• A lipstick with conditioning argan oil,
• Guaranteed long-lasting effect, full coverage and vivid colour,
• Smudge-proof with colour that stays on for hours,
• Argan oil moisturises and conditions the lips,
• Contains natural plant waxes:
- Candelilla wax guarantees a delicate, silky texture; oils and smooths the skin,
- palm wax for a beautiful glow and elasticity,
• Contains vitamin E, which has antioxidative properties,
• The lipstick is easy to apply and guarantees a satiny soft finish,
• Contains many active ingredients to create a protective layer on the skin and protect it from external factors,
• Protects the epidermis from water loss,
• The magnetic packaging guarantees easy application.

4, 3 g
18 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without alcohol
without silicones
made in Poland