Liquid deepliner

A liquid eyeliner with a precision applicator. Its fast-drying formula is highly resistant to water, guarantees a long-lasting effect and is smudge-proof. High colour pigmentation ensures that the colour is deep and shiny. Unscented, paraben-free.

We take photos to capture moments, and it is a great idea to strengthen the perfect line using our liquid eyeliner with precision applicator. The firm applicator helps create a very precise line while its water-resistant, fast-drying formula ensures the amazing effect last longer. The eyeliner is resistant to water, smudging and smearing. High colour pigmentation guarantees a vivid, shiny effect.

• A liquid deepliner with a precision applicator,
• Fast-drying, water-resistant formula guarantees a long-lasting effect,
• Smudge and smear proof,
• High pigmentation to create a vivid and shiny colour,
• Unscented product,
• Paraben-free.

6 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
without parabens
safe for eyes
product without fragrance
made in Poland