Long Cover fluid

A foundation with improved longevity. It perfectly evens out the skin tone and conceals all skin imperfections. It makes the skin look fresh and radiant for an entire day, with no fixing necessary. It conditions and moisturises the skin and soothes irritations. It does not stain clothes.

Active ingredients:
D-panthenol – moisturises and relieves skin irritations.
Vitamins C and E – protect the skin from harmful external factors.


We created Long Cover Fluid so you can enjoy the perfect makeup for longer, with no fixing it throughout the day. It guarantees perfect care for normal, dry, sensitive and couperose skin. It evens out the skin tone, improves makeup longevity and keeps the skin looking beautiful and radiant for an entire day. Rich in active ingredients that condition the skin:
• vitamin C - a strong antioxidant that participates in collagen synthesis, revitalises the skin, prevents ageing and visibly improves skin tone,
• vitamin A and E - responsible for improving and nourishing the skin elasticity; significantly slow down the ageing processes, and protect the lipids in the epidermis and the collagen fibres from damage,
• d-panthenol - has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and soothes the skin,
• provitamin B5 - significantly soothes skin irritations and inflammations,
• squalene - supports the reduction of wrinkles; it has regenerating properties and boosts the transport of the active ingredients to the skin.

Your skin remains flawless for the entire day!

• A full-coverage foundation with improved longevity,
• It was created for normal, dry, sensitive and couperose skin,
• Conceals imperfections and evens out the skin tone,
• Rich in active ingredients that condition the skin.

30 ml
12 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without alcohol
without parabens
product without fragrance
made in Poland