Matte powder semitransparent

It is perfect for finishing the makeup or for fixing it during the day. It guarantees a naturally matte finish. It evens out the skin tone and guarantees an even complexion. Thanks to the micronisation of the powder it is very light and perfectly blends with the skin. It contains a vitamin A, C and E cocktail.

Active ingredients
Vitamin A, C and E complex – guarantees proper skin care and prevents ageing.

We would like the perfect makeup to last for the entire day, looking like it was just applied. However, anything can happen when you are in a rush. Unexpected rain, a run for the bus, diving down the aisles in a shop. All this can leave our makeup looking smeared and smudgy. That is why we created a perfect, mattifying powder that improves makeup longevity and contains active conditioning ingredients:
• vitamin C - a strong antioxidant that participates in collagen synthesis, revitalises the skin, prevents ageing and improves the skin tone
• vitamins A and E - a set of vitamins that improves skin elasticity, significantly slows down the ageing process, and protects the lipids in the epidermis and the collagen fibres from damage.
The powder is ideal for finishing the makeup or for fixing it during the day. It perfectly blends with the skin and guarantees an even skin tone and subtle coverage.

• A semi-transparent powder for all skin types,
• The powder is perfect for finishing a makeup,
• A guaranteed natural, delicate and matte finish,
• Evens out the skin tone and guarantees an even complexion,
• Micronisation of the powder ingredients keeps the product incredibly light,
• Paraben- and allergen-free.

9 g
12 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
without parabens
vegan product
made in Poland