Mattologie matte lipstick

An incredibly long-lasting, matte liquid lipstick. The natural ingredients, which constitute 50% of the composition, prevent inflammation and water loss, and guarantee a suitable level of hydration.

Do you want to smooth and pamper your lips? We can help you. Our Mattologie matte lipstick is unique, as it moisturises, provides full coverage and guarantees a beautiful, matte finish. A total of 50% of the ingredients are natural. It guarantees perfect and long-lasting coverage, while moisturising the lips. Its active conditioning ingredients prevent inflammations and smooth out the lips. The incredibly creamy formula guarantees easy application.
• An incredibly long-lasting, matte lipstick,
• 50% natural ingredients,
• Guarantees perfect coverage and a long-lasting effect,
• The formula guarantees easy application,
• Rich in active ingredients to prevent inflammation and smooth out the lips,
• Moisturises the lips and prevents dryness,
• Incredibly convenient, magnetic packaging.

4,3 g
12 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
made in Poland