Mineral powder

A loose mineral mattifying powder for oily and combination skin. The natural clay has antibacterial properties, perfectly mattifies the skin and absorbs excess sebum. It also stimulates skin metabolism, oxygenates and prevents inflammation.

We created a mattifying powder with a special formula to improve the skin metabolism; for combination and oily skin. The natural clay from the Mediterranean Sea region constitutes 60% of its ingredients. The active ingredients improve the skin metabolism and have oxidative, regenerating and firming properties. The mineral powder absorbs sebum, perfectly mattifies and tightens the skin, and has antibacterial properties.

• A loose mineral mattifying powder for combination and oily skin,
• Natural clay from the Mediterranean Sea region constitutes 60% of its ingredients,
• The clay’s active substances, oligoelements and mineral salts improve the metabolic function of the skin, to regenerate, firm and oxygenate it,
• The powder effectively conceals imperfections and discolourations,
• Improves and evens out the skin tone,
• With mattifying, antibacterial and tightening properties,
• Takes care of the proper pH balance in the epidermis and regulates excess sebum,
• Multifunctional - it can be used as a finishing powder or a light foundation.

15 g
12 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
gluten-free product
product without fragrance
vegan product
made in Poland