bronzers and roses

Mosaic bronzer

A highlighting, mosaic bronzing powder that amazes with its multi-coloured formula. Its natural shade matches all skin tones. It guarantees a natural tan and delicate illumination effect.

Do you dream about a beautifully brightened and tanned skin that looks like you spent a day at the beach? A natural skin tone and highlighted face? Without irritation or sunburn? This dream is within reach! Our mosaic bronzing baked powder covers the skin with a golden tan without leaving an orange colouring. The Mosaic Bronzer’s natural shade matches all skin tones and leaves the skin looking suntanned and highlighted. It also allows you to adjust the level of coverage, so you can achieve the dream suntan effect in 5 minutes!

• A mosaic bronzing powder with a multi-coloured 3D formula,
• Its shade matches all skin tones,
• It is easy to apply,
• Creates an effect like ultra-natural highlighted, suntanned skin,
• Covers the skin with a golden tan, without leaving an orange colouring,
• Guarantees a beautiful, lustrous finish without smudges or a cakey powder effect,
• Perfect for day and night.

9 g
18 M
not tested on animals
made in Poland