Rainbow Palette

It is our answer to the hottest trend of this season – colours rule now!

The palette features eight vivid and energetic matte shades. They help you create the perfect make-up for summer and other occasions. Choose a bold colour and try something new.

Rainbow Palette features eight, perfectly matching, vivid colours - the hottest shades of this season.
It was inspired by fashion shows from around world. We also included a transparent Candy top coat in this set of beautiful matte eyeshadows. It helps you change your make-up and create an incredible glittery effect in the blink of an eye.

• The eyeshadow is long-wearing, does not fade and stays vivid,
• Easy and comfortable application,
• Multi-purpose - the shades can be used for wet and dry applications and work perfectly as colourful eyeliners,
• The palette also features a transparent, lucent top coat which transforms the matte eyeshadows into glimmering colours and creates a multi-dimensional highlighted effect

Rainbow Palette works well with the Beauty Record eyeshadow primer which improves make-up longevity.

14 g
24 M
dermatologically tested
made in Poland