Best Friend liquid lipstick

A liquid lipstick with a velvety smooth texture and matte finish. The range of colours is wide, from nude to intense shades, so everyone can find their perfect one – their best friend. Its active ingredient – LIPerfection – moisturises and improves the lips.

The lipstick is like your best friend. It boosts your confidence, is always by your side and never disappoints. Our Best Friend is easy to apply, guarantees the perfect coverage, a matte finish and a long-lasting effect. Its active ingredient, LIPerfection, moisturises and volumises the lips. Every woman can find her perfect shade in the wide range of colours. The natural nude shades gently enhance the natural beauty and colour of your lips and the intense shades highlight your femininity and personality. The lipstick is even more comfortable to wear thanks to its nice raspberry and vanilla smell.
Choose your Best Friend. You will not be able to live without it!
• Long-wearing liquid lipstick,
• Its light formula is easy to apply and does not leave the lips dry,
• Guarantees full coverage and a velvety, matte finish,
• Its precise applicator makes the application easy,
• Contains an active ingredient, LIPerfection, that improves hydration and makes your lips look better,
• Nice raspberry and vanilla smell

6 ml
24 M
dermatologically tested
made in Poland