Warm Memories eyeshadow palette

The palette comprises 12 perfectly selected, warm, nature-inspired shades with matte, satin and foil textures. These light shades help you brighten the eyelids and highlight your natural beauty; the darker shades highlight your personality and are ideal for evening looks. Our palette helps you create beautiful makeup for every occasion, with an active ingredient that also conditions the skin.

The beauty of nature inspires us. The Warm Memories palette has everything we love about the late summer and early fall season. We have created a palette with shades to bring back memories of special moments. The light, more delicate colours brighten your eyes and make you look radiant, while the darker ones perfectly match an evening look. The eyeshadows also contain active ingredients that condition the eyelids:
• Cerafluid - binds the skin cells together, improves the skin elasticity, smoothness and proper hydration levels, reduces wrinkles and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier,
• pigments with a hybrid shell - innovative pigments whose hybrid shell is responsible for easy application and adhesion of the eyeshadow; guaranteeing full coverage, with deep and vibrant colour and improved makeup longevity,
• Polymethylsilsesquioxane/Silica Crosspolymer - an innovative combination of silicone resin containing silica to absorb water and oil.
Delicate, subtle shades to highlight your natural beauty and an active conditioning ingredient to ensure the makeup lasts longer - all this can be found in our Warm Memories palette.
• A palette of 12 perfectly selected shades inspired by the beauty and colours of nature,
• Amazing, warm shades,
• Eyeshadow with matte, foil and satin textures,
• The Warm Memories palette also contains active conditioning ingredients, which are responsible for the longevity, quality and pigmentation of the eyeshadow,
• Hand-made in Poland.

18 g
12 M
dermatologically tested
not tested on animals
without mineral oils
without alcohol
without parabens
safe for eyes
product without fragrance
made in Poland